Here is a log of all the shows I have been to this year so far!

LEELAND live at the UG 1-16-09 :
Some of my friends in the band "Divine Day" got the opportunity to open for leeland at the underground so a bunch of us went to go see them! I got aquanted with a cool new band who also opened the show :"After Edmond". The underground is always very personal. pics

Winterjam 1-29-09:
Rocked Cincinatti gardens two weekends ago! There was a great mix of artists including Tobey Mac, Brandon Heath**, and Francesca Battistelli. One perk about this great tour is that it is only 10$ pics

Eddie James
@ Ski Invasion 2-12-09 through 2-25-09:
Was amazing! i got to spend time with some deep people and get recharged with God. The worship leader (Eddie james) was so annointed. He is probably my favorite artist right now. :) pics